HAC Stack Compact - Gatsby


Hey there, doll! Take a break from doing the Charleston and check out the newest compact coming at you from Maskcara Beauty! Say hello to Gatsby, a compact with all the moxie you’ve been looking for. Art deco meets classic style to create a palette that channels all of the glamor of the Roaring 20’s into kicking off our own brand new decade of possibility.

SKU: #120118
Categories:  New Releases

  • What it is: Maskcara compacts are the perfect solution for consolidating all of your makeup into one gorgeous piece. They are customizable and magnetic to secure your makeup tins in place, complete with magnetic closures and a mirror for beauty on the go.
  • How you use it: Pop your tins in and out of your compact with ease! The magnetic bottom makes it easy to switch out colors when they’re empty or you want to try different colors. 
  • Why it’s better: Our palettes are compact, travel friendly, carry-on approved, and interchangeable at any time! The magnetic tray allows you to only buy what you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to buying whole compacts of makeup and only using 2-3 of the colors.


  • HAC Stack compacts fit 8 tins or 16 eyeshadows